Builder friendly home plans

New home design construction blueprints and house plans

Our range of new home blueprints and house design floor plans are designed with builders in mind. These house design plans are designed by builders for builders. They give the home builder more square footage for the dollar, while maintaining economies of design and construction.

The houses are built at the lowest possible cost while still giving the purchasers much flexibility to add amenities or upscale different areas of the home’s design. Can you afford not to use our house design floor plans and blueprints?

This approach gives the buyer more appraisal value for the construction dollar spent. By selling value per square foot to buyers, builders are more profitable and more price competitive in the market. “Builder Friendly Plans” are win/win designs that are great for builders!
Our new home design plans come in a number of formats including blueprints, CAD files are also available.

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