How to Get the Best of Your New 4×4 When Driving Off Road?

Familiarity with all the features and controls of a new 4WD vehicle is key to getting the best of it when venturing off-road. Lots of motorists have come unstuck looking at the 4×4 logo on their new car and thinking they can drive it everywhere.

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In particular pay attention to the way the 4WD system operates and if it requires any driver input, such as choosing 2WD or 4WD, changing between low or high ratio, manual differential locking or if the front hubs are the freewheeling kind where the hub has to be locked by hand.


4×4 wheels and tyres choice is very important to off-road performance. Even the most capable 4WD platform can run into problems off road when fitted with street oriented tyres, as is the case with the majority of new 4×4 vehicles, but by the same token, dedicated off-road tyres will have less traction on wet tarmac and be substantially noisier than road tyres; there is always a compromise.


By checking the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended range of tyre sizes and choosing an off-road tyre as tall and as wide as possible, not only will traction be enhanced, but the taller tyres will also raise the ground clearance.

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