A Guide To CCTV Installation

CCTV is basically camera-based surveillance systems that are used for security purposes. With CCTV you can monitor property, buildings, land or public areas like parks and council buildings.  You can find various security companies in Sydney for CCTV Installation.

CCTV systems are wireless or wired cameras that can transmit recordings through signals. In the case of wireless CCTV cameras recordings are transmitted with the help of the internet connection. The recording can either be still images or a moving video.

If you check online you will find various CCTV systems. All these systems have different features. The functioning of these systems is also different. The most recommended CCTV systems are a professional one. For the professional CCTV installation, you must have a proper budget.


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There is a different procedure to install different CCTV systems, for example, indoor and outdoor system. The system designed for outdoors, can’t be installed indoors.

Wireless Installation

In case your CCTV system is wireless one, you just have to place the cameras on the spot and then switch them on. For viewing wireless recordings of the system a dedicated connection is needed. If you need 24-hour surveillance then sharing a connection with other internet-reliant devices is not good.

DIY Installation

If a situation arises in which you are not able to access professional installation then you can install it yourself. You just need to know the type of systems as there are different CCTV installation procedures for different systems.


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It is very important to find the right spot for CCTV installation. In case the camera is in high or low position then it will not work effectively. This work can be better handled by a company providing services for CCTV installation in Sydney.

Securing the cameras in an area with correct fixtures and fittings is also necessary. The fixtures and fittings are usually provided with the camera.

Ensuring your Cameras is Secure

Placing the camera at a position which offers surveillance is vital. It is also important to note that you should not place them in the too obvious spot.