Home Remedies for Depression

Depression is a kind of mental disorder, because of which a person loses all interest in life. Depression is common in everyone's life, which subsided gradually over shorter periods with the strong support given by family and friends.

Depression can affect anyone, regardless of gender and age. Women mostly suffer from this condition after menopause due to a decrease in hormone levels.  You can get happy tea online to treat depression.


Common symptoms of depression are observed

1. Lack of encouragement in everyday life activities

2. Avoid conversations and social gatherings

3. Lack of appetite or abnormal appetite high

4. Mood Obnoxious

5. Leading the life of seclusion

6. Lack of sleep

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Home Remedies for Depression

Prolonged use of anti-depressants can invite unwanted side effects. Try some home remedies to treat depression proved to be much more effective.

1. Drink a cup of boiled water by adding some rose petals and a little sugar in it, several times a day reduces stress.

2. Eat an apple with milk and honey acts as a mood lifter to alleviate symptoms of depression.

3. Add a few drops of aromatic herbal oils in bath water and bathe in it for about an hour to reduce the symptoms of depression for most.

4. Drinking tea made from the leaves of basil and sage herb twice a day, uplifts the mood.

5. Chewing 10-12 almonds every day is helpful in treating depression. It should be soaked overnight and taken in the morning.

6. Boil some cardamom seeds in hot water and tea. The scent of cardamom is very effective in reducing depression.

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