How To Keep Your Pet Safe During Hurricane?

With the coming hurricane season, it’s crucial that residents of hurricane prone areas be ready. From having a crisis plan in place to ensuring you have an emergency kit ready to go to knowing beforehand exactly what emergency numbers to call and where your nearest hurricane shelter is going to be if you will need to evacuate.

In case of a hurricane, if you’re required to evacuate to a shelter, you’ll most likely be unable to bring your pet. Even though Red Cross shelters and a few others will allow services creatures in with their owner, many shelters will deny entry.

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It’s therefore nest to prepare yourself beforehand rather than stuck with no safe place to choose your pet in a hurricane. You should take your pet in dyi storm shelters in case of hurricane.

If you can’t find any pet friendly shelters, the next step is to get in touch with hotels or motels beyond the area to learn what their pet policies are and when they would waive a”no pet” policy in the case of an emergency.

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You might choose to contact your vet as well to inquire if they have any suggestions. While doing research, be sure to maintain a list of pet friendly tools with phone numbers and addresses. It is always suggested to have a hurricane shelters at your place to remain safe and secure during hurricane.  

It’s important to remember that if your pet is a bird, then you will still need a blanket ready to go so that you are able to cover their cage to decrease stress while traveling. Keep all items in a water proof container that’s sturdy and can easily be transported.

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For those who have birds, small animals or reptiles, then you might choose to tag your pet’s cage also. In case you get separated from your pet, emergency crews will be able to contact you with the information you’ve provided on your pet’s collar. Lastly, get a Rescue Alert Sticker. By seeing the ASPCA online, you can find a free decal by filling out an online form.