Looking For Post construction Cleaning Company?

If your house construction has just completed or you have renovated your property then you might need a professional cleaning company.  A professional cleaning company can effectively handle post construction cleaning of your building. They can easily perform this task.  

You just need to contact post construction cleaning company in order to make sure that cleaning work is done before the inauguration day. The charges related to cleaning work are taken according to the area or space.  Hire maid service Toronto for post construction cleaning.


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You can opt for post construction cleaning services as soon as construction gets completed.  They do the cleaning of floors, ceilings, stairs, walls, and clear wastes.

Some post cleaning companies also provide carpet cleaning facility. They generally have all the advanced equipment required during the cleaning work. These cleaning services make sure that garbage is dumped away from the site.


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Listed below are few responsibilities associated with post construction cleaning services which are been provided by the cleaning company.

  • Use of vacuum is done for carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Dusting baseboards
  • They do wet wiping and on hard surface floor dusting
  • Water heaters cleaning is carried out by them
  • Utility cabinets, heating system, storage areas, and garages are cleaned by them
  • Water valve box cleaning
  • Spider webs are all cleared from the house
  • Dusting the walls
  • Cleaning of appliances, kitchen, toilet, tubs, and sinks
  • Cabinet cleaning is done along with polishing of cupboards, vanities and stained woodwork
  • Plug, switches, doors, and doorknobs are dusted.
  • Sliding glass doors and windows surfaces are washed
  • Even plumbing fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, and bath accessories are cleaned by them.

The post construction cleaning company usually charge on the bases of the extent of work done and time is taken to complete the cleaning work. A minimal fee is charged by a cleaning company.