Overview On Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The marijuana cannabis seeds are used to grow the marijuana plant as this plant possess medicinal properties and is great for patients suffering from diseases like glaucoma, migraine, cancer etc. Many people buy marijuana seeds online and grow indoors. There are many types of seeds like auto-flowering, regular, feminized.

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The feminized cannabis seeds are the most popular one and used widely for medicinal purposes. It has benefits for pretty much all growers, but especially for people growing their own medicinal cannabis as they may have less time and energy to spend checking for and weeding out male plants when they begin to appear, as is necessary with regular cannabis seeds.

There are several different methods of creating feminized cannabis seeds but they all rely on stressing a female plant until it becomes hermaphroditic and produces pollen, which is then used to fertilize another female plant.

Also, the feminized cannabis seeds grow under the same conditions as regular cannabis seeds and require no special additional nutrients, techniques or equipment. The storage conditions required for feminized cannabis seeds are exactly the same as those for regular seeds.

They should be kept perfectly dry, at a temperature of between 5 and 7 degrees centigrade, and in the dark. The door of a refrigerator is usually an ideal place. There is a misconception about feminized cannabis seeds, namely that they are genetically engineered. The best clones in LA of cannabis are grown with this kind of seeds.

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Genetic modification describes selective breeding processes that could also occur naturally and all other cannabis hybrids could be correctly called ‘genetically modified’. Genetic engineering, on the other hand, is when the DNA of one species is directly infused with the DNA of another.

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