HomeBuilderPlanCenter.com is building an inventory of home plans to offer to builders. For builders that are building multiple homes in a development we are working to help you to achieve a “Streetscape” appearance. We offer homes with similar design and within a certain square footage range. The plans that you will find on our site are not just drawn by a designer sitting in an office, they have been built.

Home plans offered currently by HomeBuilderPlanCenter are plans designed and built in various developments by Quail Construction and Fieldstone Construction. Quail Construction and Fieldstone Construction are family businesses. Quail was founded by the father and son team of Bert and Jon Girod back in 1989. Bert also started Fieldstone in 1990. The Girod’s focus on high quality, affordability and superior floor plans, plus their desire to satisfy changing lifestyle needs has made Quail Construction and Fieldstone Construction among the most successful builder/developers in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area. “What we’ve done from the beginning was take the most popular features of more expensive homes and combine them with solid construction, quality materials and the latest in energy-efficient design and offer them at very competitive prices.” “The homes and condominiums we build today are the result of years of research, design effort and construction efficiency. Our products offer the perfect combination of form, function and value.” “We want to make our plans as cost effective for you as possible.”

HomeBuilderPlanCenter.com plans are designed with builders in mind. They are designed by builders for builders. They give the home builder more square footage for the dollar, while maintaining economies of design and construction. The homes can be built at the lowest possible cost while still giving the purchasers much flexibility to add amenities or upscale various areas of the home’s design.

This approach gives the buyer more appraisal value for the construction dollar spent. By selling value per square foot to buyers, builders are more profitable and more price competitive in the market. These plans are win/win designs that are great for builders!