The Beauty of Dichroic Or Fused Glass

Wearable art glass has become one of the most popular fashion accessories today, with people surfing on the internet or looking at samples in galleries, malls and alike.

‘Wearable’ glass or fused glass, technically known as dichroic glass is the glass of various oxides or quartz ‘fused’ to the surface in various layers or thickness to produce a multi-color effect. You may buy dichroic decals for fused glass from

Dicro Slide Dichroic Decal Paper Blue/ Gold

Dichroic glass is a NASA discovery, originally produced for use in space suits and then used by various industries such as optics companies, scientific measuring devices, and others.

The art community soon discovered dichroic glass and used by glass artists began to grow. Part of the popularity comes from the amazing sheen or patina of fused glass, combined with luminous depth and range of colors that can be created as well as a variety of textures that can be produced.

Make Fused Glass

Creating dichroic glass is a demanding process, defined strictly involving vacuum, electron guns and various oxides such as titanium, magnesium and silicon-bonded hot glass using a technology known as thin-film physics.

The first glass is cut into pieces that are planned. They are then placed in a vacuum chamber with the appropriate oxides. Increased pressure in the room so that both oxide and glass get heated. After the hot glass is ready, the electron gun is used to vaporize the oxide which then bonds to the glass.

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