Tubing- A Great Recreational Activity

What is Tubing?

Tubing is a fun activity in which the individual rides on top of an inner tube on water, snow or through the air. Tubing is also known as inner tubing, bumper tubing or toobing. Due to the shape of the tube, it is known as “donuts” or “biscuits”. You can even check about tubing here  http://atxcursions.com/  

river tubing

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Depending on the kind of tubing one wish to do there are different equipment required. The common equipment in all form of tubing is the tube. These tubes vary in construction but have same characteristics like:

  • Inflatable
  •    Flexible and thin
  •    Made of rubber or PVC plastic
  •    Donut, disk, or hot dog shaped



There is generally two type of tubing on the water that is towed and free floating. It is also known as river tubing Austin. Tubing takes place on large water like a lake or river. Tubers generally chain their tubes to a powered watercraft such as a motorboat, personal watercraft. The riders are dragged through the water by the watercraft.

In free-floating tubing, the tube rider is carried by a current of the waterway.  The tube riders paddle with their hands and use webbed gloves to steer. Tubes are covered with tube covers.


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Just like all the water sport in tubing also tubers should wear appropriate safety gear. The safety gears are life vests, protective water shoes, and helmets. Tubers can also use an item such as dry boxes, mesh bags to carry personal item. You can navigate here to know more about tubing.


Tubing on snow is one of the winter season activities. It is similar to sledding. This activity is usually performed on a hill or slope. The rider can repeat the process by returning to the top of the slop with the top.  

Due to the low friction between tubes and snow allow the tuber to ride with considerable speed. Sometimes it is difficult to control the speed of a tube while riding on snow.